Thursday, March 9, 2017

Getting ready for the big demo.

Last week was the big Game Developers Conference in San Francisco. We sent two of our teammates there to pitch our game to 12 publishers. It sounds like we got a very positive response and now we are preparing to send a playable demo to those publishers for them to evaluate. If publishers like our game they may be willing to provide us with funding to increase the scope of the game as well as assistance with releasing and marketing the game. Right now we are working hard to get the game into an acceptable state to send to publishers. We intend to send out the playable demo on Monday March 13th. From there we will have to wait. Within a month we should have a good idea of whether our game will get picked up by a publisher. I've never worked so hard before in my life, but it feels good working towards a clear goal. It is also very motivating knowing that if we do well, good things will happen directly to us. I think everyone should try working on a small project like this at least once during their career.

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