Sunday, October 20, 2013

Oppressive Tree Society

Sometimes I can't decide whether Japanese society is tougher on it's people, or it's trees. Though as a foreigner I am free of the various pressures felt by Japanese people to conform to certain societal expectations, I am aware that for Japanese people, these pressures are great and profoundly shape how people live their lives.

Similarly, trees are expected to grow in ways that are extremely unnatural in the name of beauty. It seems like the true art is keep the trees alive as they are contorted into seemingly impossible shapes. I've seen styles where the gardener clips off all but the outermost leaves on each of the branches of the tree and yet somehow it survives. The tree pictured here is kind of fun. It looks like the owner is trying to create a decorative touch over the front gate by heavily altering the growth of a nearby tree. So far so good.

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