Wednesday, October 23, 2013

The Toyota Logo(s)

I assume most people in America have become familiar with the Toyota logo. The logo clearly marks a car as one produced by Toyota Motor Company of Japan and distinguishes it from other brands. That is typically the function of a product logo. In Japan, most auto manufacturers have a unique logo which they place on all of their cars. Toyota, however, has numerous logos, some associated with a particular model and others associated with an entire line of vehicles. The rear logo of all Toyota cars is the same as the logo used in America, but the front logo is quite often different depending on the model. Here are some logos that I've encountered since coming to Japan.

These are all cars produced by Toyota and they all feature the standard Toyota logo on the back. A few models have the standard logo on the front including the Prius line, but this is uncommon. Toyota produces an extremely large number of models for the Japanese market so the different logos may be used to help differentiate models by level of luxury or sportiness.

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  1. Thanks! that was helpful. i just came from Japan and was confused about the logo of the corolla fielder i drove.