Thursday, September 15, 2016

Burger King in Japan

I got hungry wandering around downtown Osaka and was looking for something familiar. I was happy to come across a Burger King. The prices were similar to those in the US and the food tasted about the same. I asked for a water and it was clear they expect you to order a drink. I got a tiny 4oz water cup I had to go and refill over and over to complete my meal. 

Unlike in America where the sauce usually comes in a sealed plastic dish for dipping, here the sauce came in a separate packet and they provided an empty plastic dish to serve it.

The eating area at the Burger King was relatively large, but the bathroom was tiny. The door was so tiny I wasn't sure if it was a bathroom for a single person. Behind the door was a single urinal and a tiny hallway leading to another tiny door with a lock to a tiny room with a toilet. Very Interesting.

I enjoyed the novelty of this Japanese Burger King, but I probably won't be frequenting it. I've got so many more Japanese restaurants I need to visit first!

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