Saturday, September 24, 2016

Uncommon Ramen

When I went to Ramen Kazama (the Minneapolis ramen shop) with Japanese people, most of them said they did not like the ramen because it was too oily. Because of this I assumed Japanese ramen would be much thinner and more refined. For the most part this is true, but I recently went with a Japanese friend to a ramen shop in Namba that breaks all the rules. [link] When you order ramen there you have to make 3 choices: how hard you want the noodles, how thick you want the broth, and how many onions you want. At the suggestion of my friend I got regular noodles, the thickest broth and the regular amount of onions. The ramen I received was unbelievable. The thick soup was delicious and super filling. It was almost like eating stew with noodles. When we finished the solid portions of our ramen, there was still a lot of broth left in the bowl. When eating ramen this is a common occurrence so many restaurants, including this one, allow you to order a second helping of noodles, meat and onions. At this point I was completely stuffed but my friend ordered a second helping and was able to make use of the rest of his broth. Next time I am in Namba and very hungry I will definitely visit this shop again.

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