Monday, September 26, 2016

Retro Japanese Restaurant

I went out with a group of friends to what my friend called a "Retro Japanese" restaurant. I was imagining it would be a Japanese interpretation of a '50s American diner, but I was quite wrong. It was a recreation of a restaurant from 1950s Japan.

The menu consisted of many small items between $1-$4. To order you would get the attention of the cooks in the center of the restaurant and they would call out to one of the servers to come and take your order. Our bill climbed pretty fast as we tried all sorts of uncommon dishes, but it wasn't too bad considering that there is no tipping in Japan. Probably the most interesting dish was grilled sting ray fin. It came as a plate of uncooked fins and a stone vessel containing hot coals. We each took turns cooking our own fins. They were surprisingly tasty. I will probably have to go back sometime to try more of the interesting things on the menu.

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